Sunday, 19 June 2011


I do believe that when a fund manager says 'a soufflé doesn't rise twice' that your goose is cooked!

"I do believe that the game as far as [RIM is concerned] is up,'' said Stephen Jarislowsky, chief executive of Canadian money manager Jarislowksy Fraser Ltd., who was one of RIM's biggest shareholders until the firm recently dumped the bulk of its stake. At March 31, the firm was listed as RIM's fourth-largest shareholder with 10.2 million shares, according to FactSet Research.

The BlackBerry has run its course, Mr. Jarislowsky said, from a hot gadget with pent-up demand to a discounted product that has been eclipsed by the next new thing. "A soufflé doesn't rise twice," he said.

Monday, 13 June 2011

What I Was Thinking Earlier Today....

Earlier today I was thinking I need to get myself a big chicken-head mask to put on my head and walk around doing magic tricks with a bird that can do a good job of acting like it's dead.  And also be able to flirt with an elegant woman who has the head of a duck.  That's what I was thinking over a bowl of oat-y bran flakes.

This Stopped Being Funny Some Time Ago....

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Harrowing Tale

His Grace, Archbishop Cranmer, brings us face to face with the evil that is the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe, and the havoc and woe that they are visiting on members of the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe.

I am afraid there is little one can actually do to stop the persecution and martyrdom of these brave and good people, but if it is to happen it should happen in full view of the world and not as some anonymous third world tragedy.

The Irony Meter Goes 'Spoing'!

A.C. Grayling, Humanist Godhead and author of the super-modern, urban sophisticate Bible, The Good Book, has been given a rather rude and unexpected comeuppance by those who should know to treat their betters...well, better!

According to the Telegraph, Grayling was engaged in a debate about cuts to the arts at Foyles bookshop when he was "verbally abused" by a group of protesters who were somewhat exercised by Grayling's plans to set up a new university which happens to be super-expensive and, it seems...elitist.

Prof Grayling, who will become the president of the New College of the Humanities (NCH) which will charge students fees of £18,000 each year, was heckled as he tried to talk about cuts to the arts.
Imagine! The mind boggles.  Unfortunately, the heckling was followed on by a smoke bomb which caused a rather hurried end to the evening's festivities and an evacuation.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Time has not been kind to Teddy Kennedy!!*

I firmly believe that if you wait long enough, the truth about something will always come out.  Maybe not in ways that you would expect, or in a narrative that is straightforward, but the nature of things will eventually come to the surface - which reminds me of that delicious story about how the staff and diplomats of the United Nations in New York City looted their own restaurant when kitchen staff went on strike

What then to make of this video from 1988 which purports to show us the next big catastrophe about to hit can see parts two and three here and here...

* my former mother-in-law used to sit vacantly in a chair and stare emptily at the television - making this declaration every time Ted Kennedy appeared on the screen.  It still haunts me, but there was truth in her madness